Sue Mitchell


Positive steps forward

The pressures of life can play havoc with our mindset, and sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. We struggle to see the wood for the trees as we try to keep up. Allowing some time to help ourselves is essential for long term health and happiness.

If you’re thinking of coming to see me you’re halfway there; accepting that you might need a little support is often the hardest part. I will help you find harmony in your body and mind, in a warm and welcoming environment where you feel calm and relaxed. You are now in very safe hands for the next part of your journey.

A passion to help others

We all have a story and my own journey has brought me here, to a place where I love to help others. Whilst running a pub in my ‘previous life’ I became very interested in people; seeing so many characters and a great deal of sadness the workings of the human mind fascinated me.

Having a passion for book shops, I came across an ancient book on hypnosis whilst browsing one day. It immediately grabbed my attention and I found myself lost in thought, wondering how changing the ideas in the subconscious could be so powerful. Developments in hypnosis had, of course, come a long way since this book was published, but I was hooked. Intrigued by the life-changing benefits hypnotherapy could offer, I realised I could help people move on from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to establish a sense of peace and overall wellbeing. I began my journey in training to become a practitioner.

With a continuous desire to learn more I then trained in Reiki and massage, amongst other healing therapies. I have been practising since 2003 and offer a range of complimentary therapies to suit your needs at the time. As new ideas constantly evolve, I continue to train, learn and practise the very latest techniques. I love to listen and I will be guided by you; my passion is to help you find inner peace so that you can enjoy a content and fulfilled life.

Sue Mitchell